What if

you could work with a contracting firm that was...

Would your project stay on budget?
We are as cost-conscious about your project as you are. When you work with us, our client focused attitude is dedicated to your financial bottom line.
Would you be confident with the quality of work?
At WEISSER we let our clients and our work speak for itself. The highest quality is what we strive for and deliver. We'll be glad to discuss the types of projects we've worked on, and any upcoming project you may have.
Would your project be completed on time?
When working with you, we can be easily reached and are highly responsive. For us, being time-conscious means delivering when we say we’re going to deliver.
Would you reach your goals faster?
Your project needs are the top priority when WEISSER engages in a working partnership with you. Bringing a project to successful completion is about building smarter and delivering exactly what you want.
committed to your goals
client focussed
building smarter

WEISSER can help.

We build smarter every day, and we can achieve what you need in a way that's right for you.


  • Tenant Improvements
  • Build-Outs
  • Renovations
  • Preconstruction

Our approach

Many contracting firms in today’s marketplace struggle to keep focused on their clients.  After a project starts and work gets busy, it’s not uncommon for contractors to gradually shift their focus away from clients and change their priorities.

With us, you stay our main focus.

Our company was built on a single idea, to be incredibly successful at making you, our client, succeed. From the start, you have our full attention and we’re completely committed to you, your project, and your goals. We build smarter every day, and we can achieve what you need in a way that is right for you.


David Weisser, Principal

Our work

View our case studies.

Weisser TI 070516
Oliver Marketing
Auburn, WA
Tenant Improvement
9,000 sf

Weisserco 0414 34
Chase Bank
Woodinville, WA
Tenant Improvement
4,000 sf

Weisser TI 070516
Subculture Salon
Tacoma, WA
Tenant Improvement
2,600 sf

Weisserco 0414 25B
Pediatrics Northwest
Federal Way, WA
Interior Renovation
8,000 sf

Weisserco 0414 46B
Marysville, WA
Interior Renovation
1,500 sf

Weisserco 0414 38B
Chase Bank
Mill Creek, WA
Interior Renovation
3000 sf

Weisserco 0414 04B
Pediatrics Northwest
Gig Harbor & Tacoma, WA
Interior Renovation
12,000 sf

Weisserco 0414 50
Washington Care Center
Seattle, WA
Multiple Interior Projects
6,000 sf